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The Issues

The Reason

I was inspired to take on this endeavor after the events on June 3rd placed. Seeing my community take on such injustice that I have experienced most of my life, I vowed to make a change. I wish to never have such events take place again. If our current leadership is not prepared to do what is right, then I will happily take on the challenge.

Stand with me today, and help me bring true justice to our community, so when our city grows, we will be able to show the nation we are ready to accept everyone that is willing to also call our city home. Let’s build a place where our leaders are truly listening to our needs and servicing them.

The Vision

Community Empowerment:


I.  Expand the Community Eligibility Provision to include all children attending our public school system.  Children in our education system deserve free meals and selecting for poverty only fuels class division.

II.  Place an enhanced emphasis on cultural awareness within our school curriculum and our community at large.

 III.  Increased accessibility to the city through investment in Huntsville’s pedestrian infrastructure through the modernization of our public transit system and the provision of additional street lighting to areas in need.

IV.  Additionally, I commit to investigate and seek the means to address a number of cultural and environmental issues facing our communities.  These commitments include but are not limited to seeking out measures that promote sustainable energy, public housing expansion, and health centers for the underserved communities.

“I am here to listen and act on behalf of my community. Let us strive for a better future and learn together.”

Community Justice:


I.  Officers will be held to higher standards by taking away Qualified Immunity.  Officers will be held personally liable for infractions committed.

II.  Body camera footage will be released to the public in the most expedient manner possible.  Similarly, strict penalties will be enforced for any officer found inappropriately disabling their body camera while on duty.

III.  Refinement of Huntsville’s Police Academy to emphasize training focused on de-escalation, preservation of life, and other reforms necessary to ensure the respect and trust of our community

IV.  Additionally, I commit to investigate and seek the means to address a number of criminal justice issues facing our community.  These commitments include but are not limited to marijuana decriminalization, bail reform, and a budget reallocation.

The Countdown









Register to vote and make sure you know your polling location!
The last day to register before the August 25th election is August 10th with the way Alabama law works.