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About The Candidate

My name is Maurice Shingleton, Junior. I am the son of Maurice Shingleton, Senior. and Eulanda Scott, and brother to Mauranda and Ja’Michael Shingleton. I was born in Fort Irwin California in the year 1995.  Being raised in a military family allowed me to appreciate different cultures throughout my childhood. Growing up in places such as Germany, North Carolina, and Maryland influenced my worldview, but Huntsville is the city I am proud to call home.

In 2008, my mother began working for Redstone Arsenal and my father began a career with the county’s education system. Even though we settled into the area, my adjustment was far from over. In 2010, I transferred to middle schools following the loss of my friend to gun violence, and I opted to graduate early my senior year at Buckhorn High School.  Throughout my upbringing, I attended nearly a dozen primary schools; despite my chaotic circumstances, I’m grateful for the lessons and perspectives I was able to experience.  It’s why I believe expanding and funding our education system is critical as Huntsville continues to expand.

Being young and headstrong, I moved out of my parents’ house at 17 and began to pursue a degree in the culinary arts at JF Drake. Even though food and culture have always been (and still are) passions of mine, my financial stability did not support this. Since then I have worked in the community as a manager, server, laborer, among other roles. I have also worked in our community in service, construction, entertainment, and other industries. 

My life has been full of changes, unique life experiences, and opportunities to give back to my community. I want to develop our communities on both an individual and municipal scale and hope to earn your trust and vote on August 25th. 

What I have done:

I have always been very passionate about local art, especially music, and I have put time, effort, and money into supporting local artists through my relatively new production group, Movation. 

Music: J-town, Laudano, Team top shelf, Trash cats, Adonis, Out tha park, Lyrx, Jai Problems, Emmanuel Messiah and more from out of state

Small businesses: Gerrys, Sacs, Team To Shelf, Toybox bistro, Out tha Park Entertainment, Echantasys, Nehemiah Jones (chef), Britney does it, His and hers design, Cappy, Ben Schaab, Stephen, Charles Briggs, Cake Fetishes by Mimi, Lifestyles Barber Shop, Sugarbelle, EQ Labs etc.

I have spent my life helping individuals, and now that I have been presented with the opportunity to help so many more, I feel I have no choice but to act on it.

I have worked and gained experience in construction, food industry, production management, music management, child care, engineering, car maintenance, furniture delivery, and painting.

Other community services I have had the opportunity of assisting with include:


  • Women’s Rights Protest outside of Straight to Ale in May of 2019

  • 19th annual vigil for the Homicide Survivors Program

  • Volunteering with the Sparkman Homes Boy and Girls Club 

  • Assisted with the youth group at Asbury Church

What I am doing:

Maurice Shingleton Jr, Huntsville Mayoral Candidate

Following the events of June 1st and 3rd, my campaign team and I have been involved in our community in nearly every opportunity available.  I understand that this campaign is new and on a short timeline; however, I never imagined Huntsville would have been the only city in Alabama to utilize tear gas, rubber bullets, and flash grenades to disperse their peaceful protesters.  Furthermore, instead of accepting accountability, our leadership and the police department has instead offered us ludicrous and bad-faith justifications regarding their actions related to the protests.  This is unacceptable.  

I have been and will continue to advocate for changes in our city, but more than that, I am willing to take accountability.  I know that I may to relatively inexperienced concerning civics; however, I am working diligently to make necessary contacts and learn everything that I can.


  • Daily demonstration protests directly behind city hall in Big Spring Park at 5pm

  • Attendance and participation in every Huntsville City Council meeting open to public comment

  • Attendance and participation in Madison City Council meetings, advocating on behalf of the Fletcher family and justice

  • Speaking with and seeking advice from a number of city commissioners, community leaders, and public servants

  • Participation in dozens of events held by BLM, ENUF, and other local activist groups

  • The unveiling of the new “Orbit” and “Access” public transit systems on 7/16

  • Our Campaign event “Rise Above” in Big Spring park showcasing the talent of dozens of local artists and musicians on 7/18  (Special credit and thanks to Out Tha Park studios, and all of the artists who worked with us to make Rise Above a successful event)

    What I plan to do:

    This campaign for Mayor of Huntsville began because I felt that the leadership in both the City of Huntsville and Madison county is currently failing to give our communities the attention and support we deserve.  Furthermore, serving our community will be the emphasis of my campaign’s activities throughout August.  In addition to my platform: 

    • I am committed to restructuring funding to our police department.  My aim is not to abolish the police, but rather to reduce their omnipresent role in society.  I also fully support calls for the resignation of Chief Mark McMurray.


    • I am committed to continue fostering relationships between our city and key business such as Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville Hospital, and the various engineering groups that make it one of the most prosperous places to find opportunities in the Southeast.  However, this expansion must be responsible in nature and should not favor businesses at the expense of citizens


    • I am committed to continuing to work with groups, such as Bearded Warriors and Community of Hope to address the issues in our homeless community.


    • I am committed to finding ways to help develop better child services.

    The Countdown









    Register to vote and make sure you know your polling location!
    The last day to register before the August 25th election is August 10th with the way Alabama law works.